80’s, 90’s, and Today’s Generation Summed up by Movies, Songs, and Books

By: Xiomara Santiago

There are currently 7.125 billion people in this world of all different ages. There are over a billion more songs, books, and movies, each having a different meaning, tone, and story. Out of all of these one could possibly define a single generation.

The 80s was a generation that created classic movies like “The Breakfast Club,” “Back To The Future,” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” It also reinvented how we listen to music with channels like MTV and form of entertainment with the Rubix Cube.

Ms. Ozello is a literature teacher here at North Royalton High School with a background in theater. She says she spent a good part of her life in the 80s. Her favorite movie growing up was the “Wizard Of Oz,” a movie which has gone down in history as an all-time classic.

“We were allowed to stay up late that day, and we would all watch it together as a family,” Ozello said

Ozello says she’s always been a reader, even from an early age. She enjoys a good book when she has time. Her favorite book growing up was “Number 4.”

“It’s about a Native American trying to fit in at a non-Native American school,” Ozello explains.

“The reason I liked it was because it was a different kind of struggle, and it made me understand the struggles of early people.”

Ozello’s pick for the movie that describes her generation is “The Wedding Singer,” starring Adam Sandler.

“It really captures the innocence,” Ozello says about her pick. “I felt like it really captures the lightness I felt in the 80s.”

The 90s made baggy jeans, plaid shirts, and miniskirts a fashion fad still worn today. That decade also gave us bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.

Mr. Hemery is also a literature teacher here at North Royalton. He loves bands from the 90s like Pearl Jam and says he still listens to their songs regularly.

“It took us out of Glam Rock and into a much better genre of music,” Hemery says about his song that defined the 90s, which was “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.

Today’s generation is the technological generation. We have smartphones, smart tvs and even smart houses. Technology created by this generation has made lives easier.

Nicole Pozek is a junior here at North Royalton High School and says she is an active reader and reads whenever she has time. Her favorite book is “Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire.

“I love how you can watch the love grow in the main characters hearts,” Posek explains. “It’s not a typical bad boy changes for the girl. They both change for the better and their love feels so real.”

Posek’s pick for the book to describe today’s generation is a novel by John Green called “Looking For Alaska.”

“It does a really good job of showing the inner struggle most kids face of being perfect to everyone else, but not thinking you’re ever good enough for everyone,” Posek says. “It keeps you wanting more and people can connect with it.”