Who’s Better- Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

By Mido Elghazawi.

The age old question- who’s better- Michael Jordan or LeBron James? It’s hard to compare the two since they never played in the same era, but comparing statistics can give us a better idea of who is a more skilled player. Although LeBron is still playing in the league and Jordan is retired, there is still a chance to compare the two players.

When comparing the two, it is important to take age into account. The stats that are given now are better for Michael considering the fact that he is retired and has played more years in their respective careers. From this point in the career, LeBron James has had the better career. He is extremely close to having the same amount of points that Jordan has, years apart in their career. Also, LeBron did not attend college, so he has more years than Jordan in his overall career coming up.

Michael Jordan currently has 6 rings while LeBron has 3, so Jordan is ahead in that field. Jordan also has 5 MVPs, while LeBron has 4. LeBron has one less All-Star appearance, although he will surely pass that. Jordan also has 6 Finals MVPs while LeBron has 3. Jordan has a Defensive Player of The Year award, while Lebron does not. When seeing this, it is evident that Jordan is the more decorated athlete.

Although it seems now that Jordan is superior, those are overall achievements from all of the years that Jordan played. When comparing Jordan and LeBron at Lebron’s current age, the results are different. LeBron comes in with more MVPs, All-NBA selections, more rebounds per game and assists per game. When now seeing these results, the decision is up for grabs. James still has plenty of time to catch up to Jordan, seeming like he is still in his prime. He is in better shape than ever and it is showing. LeBron can surely catch up and I don’t think anybody would be surprised if he did. LeBron is a very skilled player that can match anyone’s play, and the chances are he will catch up to Jordan.

This is purely an opinion question when it comes to personal preference. The way that you feel about their style of play is preference. Jordan has a more shooting-oriented play, while LeBron plays more in the paint. The way that you feel about that style of play is your choice, but both ways were really effective. They both are considered to be the best players of their generation due to their dominant styles of play.

Overall, LeBron and Jordan are both amazing basketball players in their respective positions. Both of them thrived in their individual positions, becoming two of the best basketball players of all time. Both of them had great individual performances, with both of them having some of the highest ranked games of all time. At this point in their careers, LeBron was statistically the better player but Jordan was a more decorated athlete.