Key Club to Raise Money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

By Rachel Pavelich.

This March, the North Royalton High School Key Club will be hosting a fundraiser to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

“I am new to Key Club this year, and I’ve been inundated with e-mails from companies who want us to do a fundraiser or help out,” said Mrs. Boduszek, one of the club’s advisors. Mrs. Boduszek and Ms. Ozello, the other advisor, decided to choose this company’s fundraiser because of the personal connection.

“Mrs. Tesar, who has devoted her life to teaching children and benefiting the future society, is battling cancer. We will be donating this money to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society in her name,” said Sarath Kareti, a junior, who is one of Key Club’s social media coordinators.

“I also wanted to add that I had Mrs. Tesar freshman year and she was such a positive lady. She was always smiling and always making jokes. She’s a really strong person and I think it’s great we’re doing this for her,” added junior Palak Patel, one of the club’s treasurers.

Mrs. Boduszek added that with Mrs. Tesar having cancer, this is a good fundraiser to do because it is relevant to our school.

If the school raises $500, an Olive Garden gift certificate will be donated to the Tesar family. The school hopes to raise $1,000. When asked, Kareti answered that the school hopes to raise “as much as we can.”

“North Royalton has done this fundraiser before,” Mrs. Boduszek said, although it has not been for a long time. Although the goal is $1,000, she is hopeful that the school will be able to raise $1,500 if everyone donates at least a dollar.

As for donating, “Key Club members will be collecting money during lunch periods and study halls,” said Mrs. Boduszek.

“There will be a high school webpage that we’ll tweet about. [The webpage] will be a place to make online donations,” she said.

When a student donates a dollar or more, they can write their name on a shamrock to be displayed.

“When you donate, we will put [the shamrocks] on a [window] in the cafeteria,” Patel added.

When asked about how they hope the fundraiser will impact the school, Kareti said, “I think it will unite our entire school. It’ll unify us into one giant family for the cause of lymphoma and leukemia research in the name of Mrs. Tesar.”

“In the name of our beloved teacher,” Patel added.

“I hope it might make everyone feel connected to a common cause,” Mrs. Boduszek replied. “Especially because of Mrs. Tesar. We all know her and Mr. Tesar, and when someone you care about is sick, you don’t know what to do. By donating, it gives a feeling of purpose and pride [to be helping this organization].”

“Since this is my first year as an adviser and Key Club’s first year doing this fundraiser, it is going to be for a week,” Mrs. Boduszek continued. The fundraiser will take place March 6 through March 10.

“We hope a lot of people participate in this and we look forward to seeing great results,” Patel said.