Movie Review: “Rings” PG-13 Horror Film (pretty much sums it up)

By Ro Jayaram.

“Rings” is a remake of a classic, based on Ring, written by  Kôji Suzuki. The original story is of Japanese origin and has faced numerous remakes leading to the most recent 2017 version. It is the third of three American remakes, and through each remake, the quality seemed to reduce. Just to put this into perspective, “The Ring” (2002), the first of the three, grossed $248 million on a $48 million budget. “The Ring Two” (2005), grossed substantially less, at $161 million, and “Rings” (2017) grossed $38 million.

The plot is built around a cursed videotape that upon watching, results in the death of the viewer seven days later. The tape turns up in an old VHS player at some sort of sale, and is purchased by a college professor, Gabriel. Here, it is discovered that the effects of the tape can only be avoided if the watcher gets another victim to watch the video before the seven days are up. Soon, this cycle predictably spins until it reaches the main character, Holt Anthony, and his girlfriend, Julia. Julia and Holt go off on a journey, aided by Gabriel, with the goal of determining the origins of the tape and how to stop it (still no spoilers here).

The film relies heavily on the old, black-and-white screen flashing gruesome disturbing images, but this gets old after the fifth time, as the “killing video” is in this style. There was a total of two or three jumpscares, in which my heart rate may have actually gone down. As a side note, I went blind momentarily a few times, as the once dark screen flashed fluorescent white in the even darker theater. This all is complemented with an ending that would be satisfying, except for the additional 60 seconds that the producer just had to add, but should have really scraped. It has a Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 5%, overall of 3.1/10, and an IGN rating of 4.5/10.

Matilda Lutz plays the main female character Julia, Alex Roe plays Holt Anthony, Johnny Galecki as Gabriel, and Bonnie Morgan as Samara Morgan, the girl in the “killing video.”

All in all, I would recommend seeing the “Lego Batman Movie” because that looks amazing compared to this. Also, remember that the Cinemark at the Mall has the new power recliner seats. I would give the seats a solid 9/10, minus one because they made an annoying noise.