Wiretapping Trump (SATIRE)

By Rob Menon.

President Trump recently accused former President Obama of wiretapping his phones during the “Trumpaign.” If the accusations were true, then Obama would surely be arrested, but they aren’t so…well, um, do I even have an article here? Trump’s claims were just like your average Breitbart article, because they were based off of zero facts. Trump just ran his mouth, with his fingers, on Twitter during his daily “Trump dump.”

Now the thing people overlook when investigating the “wiretapping” is that listening in on phone calls requires actually listening to the person using the phone. I’m certain Obama didn’t want to work in more time listening to Trump, because that requires listening to Trump. Any wiretapping by Obama would surely go wrong for Obama because he would probably lose a few brain cells in the process. I’ve actually provided my prediction for what would’ve happened if Obama actually wiretapped Trump Tower. Enjoy!

Obama’s Wiretapping Adventures

By: Not Obama (because he didn’t do it)

Obama: We must uhhh wiretap Trump to uhhhhhhh get an idea on his uhhh campaign strategy.

Biden: Sounds good, Barack.


Trump: Sad! Hillary is a…


If that isn’t what could’ve happened then maybe this is what happened:

Obama: Uhhhhhhh wiretap Trump uhhhhh


Trump: *Tap* Tap* Tap* Tap*

Biden: Is he saying anything?

Obama: Check Twitter….

Again these fake conversations are nothing more than predictions, these never happened (except for Obama’s stuttering). So just remember when thinking about the whole wiretapping situation is that Trump Tower is the last place to wiretap, assuming that Donald Trump is inside.

Trump was being original by doing nothing more than running his mouth, but this time he said something actually pretty serious. If I was the media, I’d just put Trump’s tweet storm aside and cover more important things. Nowadays, a lot of important things are happening, some which have big impacts on the world we live in. So my advice to journalists is to cover things, you know, that actually matter.

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