Michael Flynn (SATIRE)

By Rob Menon.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, wait, FORMER National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, was forced to resign after giving an alternative explanation to Vice President Mike Pence. He did not tell Pence everything about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States. The Russian ambassador, whose name I don’t know so I’ll just call him Putin II, and Flynn talked about sanctions imposed by Obama on the Russians before Trump officially became President of the United States of Trump. Talking about sanctions before Trump was sworn in is what some call “a big no-no.” Flynn apologized to Pence with a fruit basket.

Now the really bad thing about Flynn’s resignation is that he was forced to pack up his things and move back to his home in Moscow less than a month into his job. Less than a month! Flynn resigned 23 days into his term; that’s kinda sad. I’m pretty sure the Cleveland Browns would last longer in the playoffs than Flynn lasted as National Security Adviser (Browns fans are currently asking “what’s a playoff?”)

Flynn’s whoopsy happened at a terrible time for the Trump Administration. Many are currently questioning the administration’s relationship with the Russians after Putin and comrades were accused of hacking the DNC with the sole purpose of ruining Clinton’s campaign (apparently not that hard to do). As the weeks continue to pass, connections may continue to be revealed. It will be interesting to see what happens with Trump and the Russians. Something crazy could happen like Trump revealing a secret relationship with Putin while on Dr. Phil’s show. It’d be even crazier if Trump was just Putin with a Trump mask.

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