Newest Club at NRHS Bowls a Strike

By Grace Amato

Senior bowler Jackie Srp participates in the team’s match against Tallmadge.

Most students would be surprised to see the events taking place at Yorktown Lanes on a Tuesday afternoon: tables filled with friends and family members loudly cheering for the over thirty students facing off head-to-head in an intense bowling match. A sense of comradery and support is evident as chants and shouts of good luck from teammates flood the building.

Bowling team coach Ed Boduszek worked hard to create this supportive environment, and it all started with an idea from his son, Casey. “I became interested in coaching the bowling team initially because my son, Casey, expressed an interest in bowling for the school,” Mr. Boduszek explained. “I also thought that it was a cool opportunity to get a program up and running.  Providing an opportunity for students who may not participate in other sports also got me interested.”  

Although this is only the team’s second year competing, they already have a team of fifteen bowlers, who in a short time have become close friends. Senior bowler Sydney Liptak said, “My favorite part about the bowling club is how supportive we are of each other. I’ve made a lot of new friends that I probably never would have talked to if it had not been for bowling.” Jackie Srp, another two-year member of the club, agrees saying, “I like how we all came together as a team, none of us really knew each other when we started, and now I feel like we are a close team.”

This comradery was evident in the team’s fourth match of the season against Tallmadge. At the start of the match J.V and Varsity team members competed in two individual games before moving onto the “Baker” games. It is in these games where the individual bowlers joined together to compete as a team, as each member bowled two rounds in all three Baker games.

The high-fives and celebration dances from the students drew crowds of everyday bowlers to take interest in this group. Unlike many other sports, there is a lot of activity surrounding the bowling team’s matches, as competitive groups or families just bowling for fun were surrounding the competition. The bowling team captured the attention of many bowlers at Yorktown lanes, who expressed how unique and special they feel this group is.

NRHS bowling team member attempts a spare.

Due to the growth in this group, Mr. Boduszek is looking to transition bowling club into an official varsity sport. With the help of the NRHS athletic director, Mr. Kuntz, a five-year plan has been put into place to begin this transition. “We held organizational meetings, open practices/tryouts, and we compete in 11 matches and two league tournaments,” Boduszek explained. “We are currently self-funded, and as we transition to a varsity sport, the school will increase its funding. The plan is a good one, and we hope to follow it through and establish bowling as a fully-recognized sport.”

Many current members of the club believe that bowling club is an enjoyable activity that NRHS students should strongly consider joining. It is evident that the students involved are there to have fun all while competing alongside their friends, and they hope to get many more of their peers interested. Sydney Liptak said, “Many people stereotype the bowling club as being nerdy, but it has been a really good time with really nice people that I think a lot of other students would enjoy as well.”


Grace Amato

Grace Amato is currently a junior at North Royalton High School. She is a member of the award-winning NRHS marching band and is also involved in student council, STAND, NHS, Link Crew, and Key Club. Outside of school she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, reading, and traveling. After high school she plans to attend college and possibly pursue a career in criminal investigation.