Swimming to States

By Michelle Jurcevic

Caroline Mog rushing to be the finish first in the 100 freestyle.

The North Royalton High School swim team has many talented kids that had the opportunity to go to state competition. Caroline Mog and Anna Webber are two of the many swimmers on the team that have been swimming competitively for a couple of years. Swimming is a very competitive sport due to the high intensity level. Being a fast swimmer is one thing, but having a very supportive team is another, and for NRHS, that seems to be one of the key components to being successful at the state level.

Senior Anna Webber competed at states last year with some of her teammates. Anna’s favorite events to swim are the 100 fly and the 50 free, but she also enjoys doing relays with her teammates. Anna believes that the most important thing to her during the season is to “make sure that I am being a good leader and to make sure that the environment at practice is a positive one.” Swimming has helped Anna in many ways, such as helping build up her confidence and to stay cool in high-pressure situations. She said, “I credit having to learn how to compete at your best when your team needs you the most, and being successful in that has helped me to believe I can conquer whatever situation life throws at me.”

Junior Caroline Mog agrees and said that every single one of her teammates is the best she could ever ask for. She said, “I would say that my team is very supportive. No matter what, we are always at the end of the pool cheering each other on.”  Caroline swims the 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 200 medley or free relay and the 400 relay. She is back to swim this year after a long year of waiting due to hip problems and undergoing several surgeries. Despite the dragging year of not swimming, Caroline is back at swimming and hopes to have a great season.

Caroline Mog diving off the board to start her relay.

As for their careers after NRHS, Anna Webber is committed and planning on swimming at Calvin College, which is a division-three school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is very excited and can not wait to continuing swimming in such an amazing and successful swimming program like the one at Calvin. On the other hand, Carolin Mog does not believe that she will continue swimming in college even though she would love to, but she believes that due to her previous hip problems, her body will have a hard time swimming for an additional four years.

The swim team is a very supportive and successful group full of positive energy. Caroline hopes to make it to states this year, and she says she has a chance in doing so because her team never fails to keep pushing one another. There are many big goals for this team, and they will do anything to accomplish them. Anna is very confident in her team this year and hopes that many people can go support their meets this year. There are many amazing swimmers on the team that put in countless hours a week practice to become better in the sport that they love.  

Michelle Jurcevic

Michelle Jurcevic is a senior at North Royalton High School. She has a passion for basketball and has been on the girls basketball team for four years. She is also involved in NRHS Art League and is talented at painting and drawing. She also enjoys her job as a barista at Starbucks Coffee in Broadview Heights. Michelle Jurcevic is also a well-rounded student at NRHS with hopes to pursue a career in the medical field when she graduates.