A Senior’s Night to Remember: A Wrap Up of Girls’ Basketball 2017-18

By Angela Pell.

Michelle Jurcevic, senior #22, receiving a pass from senior, Macie Plagens #21. Photo by Angela Pell.

Have you ever had an event in your life that you’ve waited quite literally forever for? The girls varsity senior night is actually a once-in-a-lifetime game for the players. The seniors wait twelve long years for this one moment to shine and look back on all of the basketball accomplishments they’ve made, along with a gym full of their family members and biggest fans. On Valentine’s Day, gym one was packed to the max with over 100 students and fans to watch as the girls’ varsity basketball team played their last home game and congratulated the five seniors on their great years of playing basketball.

Krista Harbart, senior #11, keeping the ball away from the opposing team, Cuyahoga Falls. Photo by Angela Pell.

In the 2017-18 girls’ basketball season there were six seniors who played their hearts out. Michelle Jurcevic, Macie Plagens, Krista Harbart, Ariana Ferrette, Megan Grospitch, and Sara Bockelman have played a long four years of high school basketball. They say there are many ups and downs, but they wouldn’t change it in any way. Michelle even states, “It feels weird because this season went by faster than the rest of the years I’ve played.” But, I guess time flies when you’re having fun and shooting threes. She also says that she and the other girls have a special bond that cannot be broken because they’ve played and had so many experiences together for so

A sweet moment: Ariana Ferrette shares a hug with Coach Stricker before she takes the court for her last season home game. Photo by Angela Pell

many years. Ariana Ferrette adds, “The girls are like my second family, and it’s a great experience to have been able to play with them since middle school.” She also added, “They are my sisters. I wouldn’t have traded them for a different set of seniors; they’re like my family.”

Macie Plagens, senior, telling her teammates where to go for the next play. Photo by Angela Pell.

The girls varsity basketball team has had support from many students, staff, and most importantly, their families. All of the seniors’ families were at the game, even some having extended family in the stands. Moms, dads, grandmas, grandpa, siblings, and even great grandparents and aunts and uncles were there. The stands were filled to the max with cheering fans, and it was definitely a night to remember for them and the players.

Macie Plagens stated she felt many emotions, like being sad, happy, and excited, along with Ariana and Michelle adding that they were nervous but still very excited. Each girl had something to say about how they would miss each other and also Coach Stricker. The girls enjoyed senior night and really liked how many people came out to watch.

Megan and her family stand before the crowd for a nice photo on senior night. Congrats seniors! Photo by Angela Pell.

Some of the seniors’ favorite parts of senior night were the fans, the posters that were made for them, and the players who wrote the seniors “senior letters” to reflect back on the season with them and all of the memories they’ve made together. Another great part of the night was the Lady Bears beating Cuyahoga Falls with a big win. Coach Stricker was very proud of the girls because this was a nice win for them at their last home game of the season.

The Final Three

Playing the last few games of basketball, for some of them in their life, can be heartbreaking for some, and good for others. The Lady Bears varsity basketball team at NRHS played their last games of the season in the last few weeks.

Matt Stricker, coach for the girls varsity basketball team. Photo by Angela Pell.

Starting off on February 17, the Bears played their first playoff game at home against the Garfield Heights girls’ varsity basketball team. The crowd was cheering, the energy was high, and the Bears were ready to take a win, and they did just that! The Bears won over the Bulldogs with a score of 53-44.  

On February 22, the Bears went into the second playoff game of the season against Normandy High School in Parma. Normandy was #3 in their league and the Bears were #6. The Bears came in with good energy and high spirits and played their hearts out to win over Normandy with a score of 61 to 45. Throughout the game the crowd went crazy, cheering on every player and keeping the energy strong for our team. Michelle Jurcevic stated, “I love when the crowd goes crazy for us. It makes us want to keep fighting and play harder.” She’s right, hard work really pays off, especially when you have a big support system of family, friends, and staff.

Sara Bockelman and family at the girls varsity senior night at NRHS.

Following the win against Normandy, the Lady Bears headed over to Valley Forge High School to play against St. Joes in the district semi-final. The Bears faced a hard loss against the Jaguars, ending their season with a record of 9-13.

As the seniors head to the next chapter of their lives, and the other players head into another season, we will support them no matter what! The Lady Bears played a phenomenal season, and North Royalton is proud of you, girls. Play on Lady Bears!

Angela Pell

Angela Pell is a senior at North Royalton High School. She is a competition cheerleader at Midwest Cheer Elite Cleveland, a member of the NRHS art league, and also enjoys her job at the Jump Yard. She is formerly a member of the award-winning North Royalton High School Marching and concert bands. She is also a member of the app Wattpad, where she has written several fictional stories. In her free time she also enjoys photography. In fall of 2018 she will be attending Youngstown State University to focus on journalism.