Opinion: Are We Too Young Or Are They Too Old?

By Mia Haber.

Across America, some citizens are disappointed by the way the President has been leading the country. Many are upset with President Trump’s policies, and he is not making much of an effort to change or put these issues to an end, such as gun control and his treatment of women. Although he is part of the issue, it might have even more to do with the age of the politicians who are making decisions for young people.

America has older adults running everything. Each decision that is made can affect young adults who are coming into the workplace or just starting college, and those politicians may be severely out of touch to the issues that really concern young people.

One way to fix this issue would be to elect younger candidates. Not everyone believes this is the right course of action. “I don’t think they should lower the age as people younger than that probably don’t have the experience to have that important of a position yet,” junior Savana Herceg said.

But there are others who believe this might just the fix we need. “They should be younger because they actually know what more people want since they are connected more to the world,” freshmen Lindsay Norwalk said.

This year, especially, vast movements are being initiated by young people, including rights for women who feel inferior to men. For generations, women were put down and used as an object. In the year 2018, that all changed when the #MeToo movement occurred. Previously, decisions for women to make were rendered by men who thought what was the best fit. This change occurred because young people fought back and not because of political policies.

Older politicians don’t necessarily know the issues we are going through. “There’s a vast number of differences between our experiences,” Savana Herceg said. “Frankly, it’d be insane to render them the same.”

People are not saying everything should be thrown away from the older generation.  “I feel that older men can have some wisdom from their past, but times change and new ways need to be adopted for each scenario,” sophomore Nick Taylor said.

There are plenty of excuses for the reasons why bad things are happening in our country. America has many problems and that are being ignored. As the next generation comes forth, we are the ones to determine what happens and we are the ones that can make a difference in the world.

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Mia Haber is a senior who plans to study English Literature in college next year. In Mia’s free time, you can find her working, doing homework, playing a musical instrument or hanging out with her friends. She also enjoys spending time with her family and especially time with her dogs. Mia also occasionally likes going to Hinckley Lake in the summer with her friends and enjoys swimming on a beautiful sunny day.