Another Cyrus

By Mia Haber.

Noah Cyrus got her start by being Miley Cyrus’s younger sister. This connection made it easy to become a star and enter the music industry. In September of 2018, Noah released one of her first albums, Good Cry, that demonstrates who she is in each song. Although she’s her own artist, there are many similarities to her older sister.

The album starts with the song “Where Have You Been?” At the beginning of the song, it starts off slow and the lyrics signify pain while in a relationship of some sort. After the chorus passes through, audio of what seems to be crying is played in the background of the lyrics. Synthesized audio was then added to make her voice change to a different formation.

Next is “Mad At You.” The lyrics are about another relationship. During the song, Gallant joins, making it a duet. When Gallant begins to sing his part of the song, it forms into a conversation telling each person that the other can not be mad at the other no matter what. “Good Cry” is the third number on the album. This upbeat song seems to referring to a relationship and that all you really need is good cry to get you through the pain.

The fourth track on this album is by far my favorite one. “Punches” features LP, making the song more complete. LP’s voice during the song harmonizes with Cyrus’s voice so well that it can put a smile across your face. Signifying whether the song is either a happy song or a sad song can only be determined by the way you interpret it. The song is about a relationship that has been through many struggles. In the pre-chorus, it says, “You might say, I’m wasted on you
But when you break, I break for you too,” which can point out the difficulties in the relationship, but also letting the other person know that someone is there no matter what circumstance.

The second-to-last song, “Sadness,” is an upbeat song but also gives the elements of struggle with being sad or upset. The point of the song is to be friends with your struggles and troubles. A line from the song says, “So I’m trying to be friends with my sadness. Having drinks with my fears and bad habits. We’re all in this together, we’ll forever rise and fall. So I’m trying to be friends with my sadness.”

The last number on the album is “Topanga (voice memo).” This track isn’t like the other songs on the album. It’s broken down into a acoustic version with just Noah’s voice and a guitar. This song was most likely made over the ‘voice memo’ on the phone, whereas she other songs were developed and produced in the studio. The song is slowed down with some rise and fall of the vocals, but all together it is a slow song that can most likely put you to sleep at night.

Overall the album is an amazing piece of work. Featuring other artists like MAX, Tanner Alexander, and Lil Xan rounds out the sound. I recommend checking Noah Cyrus out with her album out and hopefully more new songs and albums in the future.

Mia Haber is a senior who plans to study English Literature in college next year. In Mia’s free time, you can find her working, doing homework, playing a musical instrument or hanging out with her friends. She also enjoys spending time with her family and especially time with her dogs. Mia also occasionally likes going to Hinckley Lake in the summer with her friends and enjoys swimming on a beautiful sunny day.