Noro’s Newest Team Is Right Up Your Alley

By Tina Avondet.

The varsity team proudly holding up the “Golden Pin” after the Brecksville game. (Photo by Ginny Avondet)

North Royalton High School is home to many typical high school sports, but a new team has taken the school by storm–bowling. Many students were excited to hear that their small club became an actual team. The excitement of a new team sport definitely peaked the interest of many newcomers in every grade as well as returning members. The varsity bowling team is in its first year as a sport and has had a pretty good season for its first official year.

Our team matches up to other teams in the league already, and the only thing we can do is continue to attempt to improve averages. Andrew Seifert, North Royalton High School senior, has been with the bowling team since its starting club season in the 2016. There was a club at his old school, and he felt he was a decent bowler. “I think that our team can definitely match up to some of the bigger teams in the league,” Andrew said with hope for the future. Andrew hopes that the club will continue to gain more members and keep improving.

Senior Max Kling is a first-year member on the bowling team. Max has been in bowling clubs before he moved to North Royalton and decided to join the team this year. Max explains that he is happy that bowling is now a varsity sport. When asked about how North Royalton’s team matches up in the league, Max said that the team has a long way to go, but the team can definitely match up with some of the smaller teams. Max has hopes for the team to continue to gain new members and increase their averages in the years to come.

Although bowling isn’t your typical high school sport, the members still have a good time. Even though the team is still new, the boys all still think that the team can be competitive. At the December rivalry game against Brecksville Broadview Heights, North Royalton came away with the victory. Like many other of the rivalry events, there’s a prize; the team acquired the golden pin that will now be competed for every year by the rivaling schools. The team still has a long way to go until they can be known in the league, but the founding members have high hopes for the team.

Tina Avondet is a senior at North Royalton High School. She is heavily involved in North Royalton High School’s choir department as she participates in Royal Harmony (show choir) and Royaltones (a cappella ensemble). Outside of school, Tina enjoys working at Marc’s. When she’s not at rehearsal or rocking her Marc’s polo, she enjoys writing, sewing and hanging out with her friends. Tina has big plans after her senior year as she hopes to enlist into the Navy.