Paul Twarog: The Singing Wrestling Superstar

By Tina Avondet.

The North Royalton High School gym, home to Paul and many other wrestlers.

Paul Twarog is a North Royalton senior who, like many students, is heavily involved in numerous clubs, activities and sports as well as taking multiple AP classes. But one of the most interesting balances Paul strikes is between show choir and his wrestling career..

Ever since middle school Paul has been wrestling and has had quite a career since. Paul has recently just achieved one hundred independent wrestling wins, which has only happened one other time in North Royalton history. The intense desire to win is actually just Paul’s way to relieve stress. Many of the best wrestlers in North Royalton’s division have been beaten by Paul. Last year he was only a few points away from qualifying for states, but he has high hopes for this year.

Paul Twarog striking a smiling with his senior sport banner.

“Hopefully this year I think I’m projected to get to states, and I think I definitely have a good shot,” Paul said with a smile.  Paul has aspired to get his name on the wrestling room wall with all of the other state-qualified wrestlers and possibly obtain a plaque in the hall of athletes.

Along with wrestling, Paul has also been in show choir since the seventh grade as well. Show choir is a choir that dances along with singing and often times tells a story throughout the performance. Even though Paul goes through the physical struggles of a wrestler, he often will have to drive from meets to show choir competitions all in one day. Choir has become a very big part of Paul’s socal life and high school experience. Along with being a phenomenal wrestler, Paul has received the “Most Dynamic Performer” award at a competition last season. Paul is grateful that he is still able to participate in show choir even with the wrestling overlap.

Paul posing with Noro’s own cartoon Gibby.

Both wrestling and show choir are quiet time consuming. Luckily Coach Folk and Mr. Mikolajczyk both understand how each activity is important to Paul. At the beginning of each season Paul gives each of the teachers a copy of his schedules and smoothes out any conflicts between the two activities. It isn’t uncommon to see Paul walking into a choir function straight from a wrestling match. Paul hopes to continue doing wrestling throughout college.

Tina Avondet is a senior at North Royalton High School. She is heavily involved in North Royalton High School’s choir department as she participates in Royal Harmony (show choir) and Royaltones (a cappella ensemble). Outside of school, Tina enjoys working at Marc’s. When she’s not at rehearsal or rocking her Marc’s polo, she enjoys writing, sewing and hanging out with her friends. Tina has big plans after her senior year as she hopes to enlist into the Navy.