Viewing A Netflix Original

By Mia Haber.

The film, Bird Box, continues to be the most talked movie among the students at North Royalton High School. The movie is based on a society that is driven to suicide after going blind from a mysterious creature. The leading actress, Sandra Bullock, appears as the protagonist in the film, struggling to finding a safe place to take shelter from the discombobulation. Playing as Bullock’s sister, American Horror Story Star, Sarah Paulson makes an appearance on the screen. Unfortunately, Paulson’s character was killed when the mysterious creatures made their way to their town.

Throughout the film, the use of suspense and curiosity drew the audience in to watch what would happen next. Bird Box would drop hints to when the creatures were close to the ones that were trying to survive. After being saved by a group of people, she was safe in a house and while suffering minor injuries from falling on her pregnant belly, she was able to get inside and a game plan began to take place. While in the house, food and resources began to run out, and five people had to make it to the nearby store to get supplies but weren’t able to look or else they would die.

The journey to the store was an intense scene. The windows on the car were all taped up. While someone drove, the use of the GPS was used but the connection was off once the creatures came near and attacked the car, making whoever was driving hit multiple things. Once successfully making it to the store and inside, Bullock’s character found a set of birds in a cage in the store and decided to take them with her. Unknowingly, the birds would help protect them when the creatures were near. If the birds were calm, they were safe for the meantime, but if the birds were making noise and tweeting a lot that meant the creatures were near.

Another scene that brought suspense and maybe even anxiety was when Bullock gave birth to her baby in the film. At that moment, a character was let into the house and was “possessed” by the creatures that made society commit suicide.

As an overall film, I recommend seeing it. If you are an individual who enjoys suspenseful moments with a rush of adrenaline, viewing Bird Box on Netflix is go for you. Although the only downfall about the movie was even though these creatures ran after and made citizens commit suicide, actually seeing what these creatures looked like never happened. The only explanation could be, the director of the film would what you come up with a horrifying creature in your mind and think of that as being the thing which made all those people commit suicide or become one of their minions. Although, overall, viewing the movie was excellent and I would recommend others to watch the film.  

Mia Haber is a senior who plans to study English Literature in college next year. In Mia’s free time, you can find her working, doing homework, playing a musical instrument or hanging out with her friends. She also enjoys spending time with her family and especially time with her dogs. Mia also occasionally likes going to Hinckley Lake in the summer with her friends and enjoys swimming on a beautiful sunny day.