The History of North Royalton High School

By: Sakthi Kasi.

North Royalton High School is about to undergo major structural changes in the upcoming years. But this isn’t the first major change for this building. In fact, North Royalton High School wasn’t even called North Royalton High School. In 1952 it went by the name E.E. Roots High School.

The first North Royalton High School Building.

In the early 1900s, kids living in this area who wished to complete four years of high school had to travel by streets cars and wagons through Parma in order to reach Lincoln High, the closest available high school at that time. Our current location provided the first two students the opportunity to get their education in a nearby location in 1907.

The young high school only had two students when it first began. It used a school bell whose replica now stands proudly in front of the modern high school. Jake Bulkowski, a sophomore at the North Royalton High School said, “My family has a brick in the bell tower. Sometimes I will

The Bell Tower is a replica of the school bell used in the old high school.

just go looking for it while I am waiting. I think that the bell tower represents our community and how we are a close family because lots of people came together to donate money to build the bell tower, and it makes the city look better.” He believes that the bell tower symbolizes the unity of the community and the growth of the school.

As the high school started to gain popularity and the population skyrocketed, the school was developed over a 24-acre piece of land on Ridge Road and was named as the E.E. Roots high school after the company that sponsored the money for the high school to expand. Throughout the years, the school continued to develop, providing education for grades 8-12. The name of the school was later changed to North Royalton High School.  Mr. Osborne, the current principal of the school says, “The world language hallway, gym 1, one of the cafeterias and the PAC were not constructed yet when I was in this high school. The graduating class was smaller. I graduated with about 269 people, but the graduating class this year has 385 people.” In 1997, the North Royalton Middle School was built nearby, dedicating the high school for only grades 9-12.

North Royalton High School’s expected look after the reconstruction.

The school continues to prosper as more construction is taking place to further modernize and enlarge the school. The new changes include the addition of a 100,000-square-foot portion to the back of the building in order to house new classrooms and technology. Mr. Osborne said, “There will be no big difference in the square feet of the building, but the shape will change. Some parts of the school will be removed and replaced with a newer construction.” There are transformations to the environmental and security aspects as well.

Further improvements involve the reconstruction of the older parts of the buildings to provide a larger space for the media center, science department, and the award-winning band and choir activities. Mr. Nary, a band director at the school said, “Besides the obvious, the things I am looking forward to include the air conditioning and elbow room for the music students. There will also be more time for the students to rehearse and do what they love since more time can be spent on music rather than navigating on getting into the classrooms and around the mud puddles in the parking lot.”

As you walk through the current entrance of the high school, you can see the pictures of each graduating class over a course of 100 years to see the increase in the number of students attending the school. It is amazing to see how the small school that had about two students transformed into a sprawling campus with over 1,000 eager children over the course of a 100 years.

There is no doubt that the school will continue to improve and support additional students in the future. Mr. Yappel said, “From my understanding, when we first started, it was a very small school and community but now, we have a lot of kids. Even today, with the large quantity of kids, you have that tight community feel, family feel in this school. The closeness is to be valued.” He believes that North Royalton is one big family and even through all the changes that had taken place and the oncoming changes, this bond still continues to exist.

Sakthi Kasi is currently a sophomore who also participates in other clubs such as Key club, Spanish club, Model UN, and Science club. She is also a member of the yearbook committee and the North Royalton High School Marching Band. Outside of school, she can be found hanging out with her friends, writing, or painting. During the hot summer time, Sakthi enjoys spending time at the beach and riding her bicycle. During the snowy months of winter, she can be found curled up near a hot fireplace, reading a fantasy book.