From Gameboy to Magic Mirror, Computer Club Has It All!

By: Jashu TK.

Disisto’s Magic Mirror

This world that we live in has developed throughout the centuries, and that may be for the greater good of humanity: from the first computer, the ENIAC, which weighed 60,000 pounds and 18,000 square feet, to the era of foldable mobile technology, which is at many times more powerful and more smarter than the ENIAC. We as a civilization have made it this far in technology, and at NRHS, Computer Club is trying to continue the tradition of technological advancements.

If you ask the students of this if there is a Computer Club, 90% of the people will not know. Although there are only about a dozen students in this club, it continues to stride on. “Computer Club is a great way for students to get together and talk about technology and do a show-and-tell of different technology tools with each other, or to try different roles in the club,” said Mrs. Whitehead, the 3-year advisor of Computer Club, also known as the Future Business Leaders of America, which is just a different aspect of the club.

Building the Magic Mirror

Nick Disisto, AP Honor Roll Student, is the president of Computer Club. “It’s good to put on your portfolio because it is Business Leaders of America and Computer Club,” said Nick. He has also stated that they have worked on two projects so far and will work on a third one soon: “Last year, we built a working Gameboy that ran of off a program called RetroPi and had full emulation of Atari systems, Nintendo, Gameboy, the DS’s. It works perfectly,” said Disisto. This is a 3D-printed Gameboy shell with a Raspberry Pi, which is a mini computer, that ran emulation programs such as RetroPi. Nick and the club have also built a Magic Mirror, which also runs off the Raspberry Pi. It is a see-through mirror with a display in the mirror shell that shows you and the weather. This can be found in the Library near the bookcases. Computer Club is also looking into making a mechanical arm that is still in the planning process

The members of Computer Club have also given feedback as to what they like about Computer Club. Partha and Nicky have stated that the field trips to Hyland Software, CCPL Workspace and WVIZ, which is a local radio station and TV channel where shows like Barney and Wild Kratts are shown, have been enjoyable. They also say the pizza is also pretty good.

Although there are only a dozen people involved in Computer Club, it still does have a budget and the supplies that they need. If you can, you can support them by giving them jobs over the weekend to do tech things at your nearest store and sponsor them. All sorts of cool experiences are waiting for those who want to get into this club. The force of technology pulls you, and wait for you they will!

Jashhvanth Tamilselvan Kunthavai, or shortly Jashu, is a freshman who likes to read, watch movies, listen to music, bike and is a tech enthusiast. In the summer he plays tennis, basketball and cricket. He also refers to himself in the 3rd person a lot, as he is right now.