NRHS Media Spends the Day with Cleveland’s Finest

On April 8, 2019, the high school’s broadcasting and journalism classes had the exciting opportunity to spend the morning with the staff of Fox 8 in the morning. Kristy Griffith, assignment editor, gave the students an in-depth, behind-the-scenes tour of every aspect of the facility, which included a look at the newsroom, where Scott Sabol was delivering his live weather report, the editing room, and all of the technical areas that make the broadcast actually happen. Anchor Wayne Dawson met up with our group in the lobby and gave an inspirational speech about following your dreams and answered questions from the students.

Finally, the tour concluded with a lengthy stop in the studio where the morning news was being aired live. Stefani Shaefer and Todd Meany were beyond welcoming to these aspiring journalists, and even discussed our group live on the air. During commercials they also fielded questions from the group and asked for a picture with the students. This was truly a memorable day for the students, as they had the rare chance to see everything they’ve been learning in class be applied in a professional environment. Fox 8 was a true class act for hosting us on this magical day.