Math Club Adds Up to Fun

Math Club, with the president, Sakthi, in the middle of the front row.

By Jashu Tamilselvan.

Math is an important part of life. Whether or not people would like to admit it, math is is literally everywhere, even in nature. It is the cold hard truth.

NRHS has tons of clubs for students interested in languages, theatre, and a lot of other subjects that are also taught in school. But math is the only subject that we didn’t have a club for. It is a crucial part of life, yet there was no after-school activity to make it fun. Then, roughly two months ago, Sakthi Kasi, the president of Math Club, created it out of the blue.

Since then, four meetings have happened.  A lot of energy went into starting the club. Sakthi said, “I had to spend a lot of my own pocket money to bring in snacks, but all the club members are so kind and supportive and they help me provide refreshments. I spent hours planning the first meeting. I sacrificed some of my mornings and lunch to get approval for the club and inform students about it. But, I truly enjoy doing all of this work.”

The after-school math club was definitely a missing part of the North Royalton culture. Sakthi said, “I created math club because I have always been passionate about math. I know that high schoolers have to take the ACT in high school and ACT preparation is not fun at all. I decided that using a fun club to turn tedious work into something enjoyable would be amazing.” And the club has also been doing a lot of fun stuff lately. Some of the activities incorporated in this club include: Kahoot, team competitions, Jeopardy, and Egg Hunt.

Math club member, Anthony Yevtukh, said, “I enjoy Math Club. Even if you aren’t fond of math, you would still enjoy this club as it is more about having fun through math instead of boring, tedious problems as many might presume.” He even explains the fun things that he did while he was in the meetings, such as playing Jeopardy for the AIR test. Truly, Math Club is striving to be something special and something new for mathematics.

Sakthi believes that Math Club will be continued even after she graduates. Students hope so, so another generation of high schoolers can get help on their ACT and their other mathematical needs. The club promotes their knowledge in math and helps them on their ACT. So…calling all math fanatics! Math Club is officially open!

Jashhvanth Tamilselvan Kunthavai, or shortly Jashu, is a freshman who likes to read, watch movies, listen to music, bike and is a tech enthusiast. In the summer he plays tennis, basketball and cricket. He also refers to himself in the 3rd person a lot, as he is right now.