Around the School: How to Get Involved

By: Brandon Barrett.

Our 2019 – 2020 school year has been off to a great start!  However, some kids may be lost as to how to make friends or as to who shares their interests and who doesn’t.  That’s where clubs come in! Our recent Bears Den even dedicated itself to this topic. Clubs help students find people with similar interests in order to help them adjust to high school in a positive way.  There are many different and unique clubs, but I will be going over a few that I am a part of.

Interested in journalism or reporting?  Like getting information out to people, but not quite sure how?  Then The Royal News is the club for you!  The Royal News, the school’s newspaper by students, for students, is a great way to get your voice heard if you are interested in writing or journalism. You will type your articles on Google Docs, then submit them as an assignment through Google Classroom.  The Royal News meets once per month in Mr. Hemery’s room, Room 312. 

Like art?  Got school spirit?  Then Spirit Club needs you!  Spirit Club is a way for students to show their school spirit through motivational posters and drawings.  The best part is, you can inject your own personality into the posters, as long as they either pertain to motivation or school spirit.  Spirit Club member Sydney Andrews says, “I like Spirit Club because I love art.” Meetings are after school every Monday in Room 309.  

Want to become a scientist when you become an adult?  What about an engineer? Do you just like science? If you checked any of these boxes, then try checking out Science Club!  Science Club is a way to learn more about science and do experiments while still having fun. Whether it’s learning about the importance of the environment for Earth Day or cooking cupcakes to learn more about chemistry, Science Club can shown the best side of science.  Science Club meets once per month in Ms. Mellon’s room, Room 209.

These are just a few of the amazing clubs that are going on in our school right now.  There are even more amazing clubs that probably haven’t even been announced yet. And remember, just because you aren’t exactly sure you’ll fit in, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join the club.  Just do it! So what are you waiting for? Go join a club and show your school spirit, and soon you’ll be saying, “Go Bears!” too!

Brandon Barrett is a freshman at North Royalton High School, and he has many different hobbies, including reading, listening to music, and watching movies.  He is also involved in many different clubs at North Royalton High School, including Spirit Club, Science Club, Fish Club, and Spanish Club. When he graduates high school, he hopes to go to college and become a scientist.