NRHS Club Almost Gone

By Brivan Ibrahim.

Key Clubbers organize the caring closet at NRHS.

Key Club International has remained one of the biggest and most active clubs in North Royalton High School for years. However, recently, it was faced with a big problem that could have led to its loss.

On September 3, 2019, the North Royalton Kiwanis Club, a service club that has brought so much positive change to the North Royalton community, voted to disband. One of the main reasons was that the members of the club were getting old, and there weren’t any younger people who had the time and commitment to join. Kiwanis member John Burke said, “I’m saddened we had to do this, but we couldn’t see any other alternative right now. Our membership is getting older, and we’re losing members every year. Most members are over the age of 65 and having health problems coming in.”

So how does this affect the high school Key Club? Well, the disbanding of the North Royalton Kiwanis club had a far more widespread effect than can be seen at the surface. Key Clubbers, sometimes referred to as the ‘Junior Kiwanis’ are usually sponsored by their local Kiwanis club. With the North Royalton Kiwanis disbanding, NRHS Key Club advisor and counselor Mrs. Boduszek was faced with a big problem: Could she find another Kiwanis club to sponsor the high schoolers or will Key Club have to disband as well? Luckily, Mr. Gurka reached out to the Brecksville Kiwanis who agreed to adopt the North Royalton High School Key Clubbers.

Of course, this was good news for the Key Clubbers who are required to have 25 volunteer hours by the end of the school year. With over 200 devoted members, Key Club is once again on a roll, bringing positive change and happiness to local families and communities. For instance, just on Monday September 23, Key Club volunteers got together to organize the North Royalton High School Caring Closet, where students who are in need can go get anything they want for free.

In addition to its charitable work, the club also serves a practical purpose. Dalal Ibrahim, an active Key Club member said, “Key Club is the most important club in this school; it’s the only club where you can get volunteer hours in, which most colleges look for.”

Despite the obstacle, Key Club is ready to serve the community again.

Brivan Ibrahim is currently a freshman at North Royalton HS. She is part of key club, French club, and the yearbook staff. She also runs Cross Country in the fall and does track in the spring.