Hunger and Poverty

By Sakthi Kasi.

You hear the howl of the freezing wind. It’s loud and angry. You can feel its cold hands trying to grab you, its sharp nails biting into your skin. The winds attack you from all sides, whipping you back and forth. Rushing, you enter your home, welcoming the soft warmth that blankets around you. You reach for some hot chocolate and you lean back against a chair near a fireplace. The red hot flames lick the wood and you enjoy the sight. Then, you take your time to enjoy the delicious warmth spreading through your body. 

This simple hot drink and a warm place to stay seems like a luxury that everyone can easily attain, however, not everyone is lucky enough to experience them. According to the FAO (The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization) 815 million people go hungry each year in the world, with 40 million of these people living in the United States. These people do not have enough food for survival. Countless of infants and children die due to malnutrition or a lack of a steady meal. Aside from food, they cannot afford any of the other essential items such as hygiene products either.

Although this problem cannot be completely resolved, there are actions that can be done in order to help these people. In fact, there is something you, as a student in this high school, can do. Key Club has been trying new initiatives this year, and one of these new ideas is the formation of small groups that take charge of a particular field of concern (such as environmental, poverty, senior aid, etc).

One such field deals with hunger and poverty. Co-captains Savannah Skorepa, Nick Taylor, Pankti, Halina Tri-Leanza, and Sakthi Kasi are in charge of this particular group. They are planning on doing their best to encourage other students in the school to participate in helping the society in which we live in.

Savannah Skorepa, a junior, describes the goal of the team, stating, “Our current focus is to bring awareness to the local poverty issues through the student service and leadership.”

Nick Taylor, also a junior, adds that the group aims to “help make food accessible to everyone in the community at little to no cost with the help of peers.”

The team motto is “feeding the hungry one person at a time.”

They plan on starting with making care packages with hygiene products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, soap, shampoo, etc, and distributing them at a local shelter or soup kitchen. 

This new part of the Key Club allows you to help the thousands who suffer by simply contributing a small amount of time. Not only will you be aiding the society to become better, but you will also feel good about yourself for taking part in such activities. A simple gesture of kindness, or giving an hour of your entire life, can make someone’s day become far better. Halina, a sophomore adds, “Help make a difference in someone’s life.” There are many people in need, so hurry up and sign up for this club. 

Sakthi is a Junior at the North Royalton High School. She is part of many clubs and organizations such as Key Club, Spanish Club, Math Club, Model UN, Honors Society, Newspaper Club, and Yearbook Club. She is also involved in the North Royalton Marching Band as a flute. Her favorite hobbies including dancing, reading, and drawing.