The times, they are a’ changing…

By Jashu Tamilselvan.

Ahhh…the great feeling of sitting in front of a fireplace, drinking your hot cocoa with exactly 20 small marshmallows that warm your body up. Then, a cold, chilly feeling crawls up your spine, and then you realize…midterms is after the break. Your world of cheery good comes crashing down and all that remains is the slow remorse of midterms looming upon your soul. 

This is the kind of situation that we students of North Royalton High School have to go through. The students have midterms right after the break, so many of us are unable to enjoy our often-most-cherished winter break to its fullest. But then, there is this year. 2019 will be a very, very special year for students because midterms are before Christmas break.

Despite this official change, many people don’t realize that there is a schedule change in our school calendar. In an informal study, only 25% of NRHS students were aware of the change.

Students have positive reactions about the adjustment. Dorian Harmatiy, a sophomore, said, “I personally believe that the schedule change is very beneficial for all students throughout the school. Not only will we get midterms out of the way sooner, but we can also truly enjoy break now because no longer will we have to worry about studying. Although some people may say that we will have a meaningless week after we come back for break, I truly believe that the schedule change is incredibly helpful for all of the student body.”

Jack Gilligan, a sophomore, said, “Oh I like it because I don’t have to stress about it during break…And I can enjoy my Christmas.”

This was also the same as the opinion of Gopala Ponnada, a junior, who stated, “I don’t have to worry about studying over Christmas break, which is always annoying. It will be like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after I’m done with the tests.”

The only response that was against this was from Emma Kolick. She, said, “I generally like having midterms after winter break because it gives me more time to study, but I think I’ll also like the feeling of not having midterms looming. I’m excited to genuinely enjoy winter break, but I think the quarter should end once we take midterms. I believe we have one or two weeks of the quarter left following winter break, and it would make much more sense to just end the quarter.” Emma was also the person who knew that there was a schedule change.

Jack Gilligan did have some concerns about the change. He is worried about a “lack of focus. Because you are probably looking more forward to Christmas than tests.” This is what junior Gopala Ponnada also expressed, stating students will have to “study ahead of time, or you will be sorry.”

 Emma Kolick said, “I’m worried the teachers will cram everything in because midterms are even earlier this year, and we’re generally rushing at the last second to begin with.” And, of course on the other end of the spectrum is Dorian Harmatiy, who isn’t concerned. He said, “In all honestly don’t believe it is detrimental in any way. As someone who greatly appreciates relaxation, I am incredibly glad to have Christmas break all to myself.” 

Jashhvanth Tamilselvan Kunthavai, or shortly Jashu, is a sophomore who likes to read, watch movies, listen to music, bike and is a tech enthusiast. In the summer he plays tennis, basketball and cricket. He also refers to himself in the 3rd person a lot, as he is right now.