Opinion: An Objective and Factual Approach: Is Trump a Good President?

By Brivan Ibrahim.

“Make America Great Again” was Donald Trump’s campaign slogan during the presidential election of 2016. It was this promise that he made to the American people which won him the election. He even reinforced it during his inaugural address when he said, “Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit American workers and American families.” So, in order to answer the question of whether or not Trump was a good president, one must first answer: Did he fulfill his promise of making America great again?

A good or bad president affects three main aspects of a country: Economics, social fabric, and political policy. Trump certainly left his mark on each of these aspects. To determine whether Trump had positive or negative effects on them, we will look at each of these aspects before and after Trump took office. Using this method, it will be determined by facts and facts only, whether or not Donald J. Trump has been a good president.

Economics: The easiest way to determine the economic strength of a country is by measuring the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Below is a chart to show the real GDP covering 2013  through 2019 under the leadership of President Obama vs President Trump.

The chart above shows that the United States had a stronger economy under Donald Trump’s presidency.

Social: Social factors are factors that affect one’s lifestyle. Topping the list of most influential social factors include health and safety. One way to decide a president’s effect on health is to take a look at insured vs. uninsured people in the country. The graph below shows the percentage of the American population who were insured during the years 2013 – 2019.

The graph shows that while the percentage of insured people increased steadily during the Obama presidency, it decreased steadily during Trump’s presidency. It can thus be concluded that President Trump had a negative effect on overall American health. As for safety, data collected by the Office of Management and Budget shows similar results. Former President Barack Obama spent 107.8 billion dollars on transportation during his last year in office (2016). In contrast, President Trump only spent 15.6 billion dollars on transportation out of the Federal Budget in 2018.

Political: Recent studies conducted by the Pew Research Center show that Americans’ trust in their federal government to do what is right is at an all-time low. In addition, Obama restored relations with Cuba and negotiated a nuclear deal with Iran while Trump has made no new alliances, and withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal, which ultimately led to an Iranian missile attack on US military bases in Iraq on January 8, 2020. It is also important to note that on December 18, 2019, Donald Trump became only the third president to ever be impeached. He was convicted of abuse of power during a July phone call with the president of Ukraine.        

After analyzing data collected by several trustworthy sites, it is clear that under the Trump administration, only one of the three aspects improved. On the other hand, both social and political aspects of the United States worsened. Thus, factual evidence proves that Donald J. Trump has had a more negative than positive impact on this country.

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Brivan Ibrahim is currently a freshman at North Royalton HS. She is part of key club, French club, and the yearbook staff. She also runs Cross Country in the fall and does track in the spring.