Interest in AP tests rise

By: Meghan Deutsch

AP tests are quickly approaching, as they take place in early May. North Royalton High School offers a variety of AP tests to students. These tests offer a variety of opportunities to students from saving money in college to helping them prepare for the future. But did you know you have the opportunity to take an AP test even if you haven’t completed the course?

North Royalton High School offers 13+ AP tests to students. These include: Psychology, Calc AB, Calc BC, English Lit/Comp, Stats, Music Theory, Physics B, Government and Politics: US, German Language and Culture, US history, Macro Economics, Micro Economics, and Computer Science. And it’s not uncommon for students to be taking more than one test! School Counselor Mrs. Rachel Hoag said, “All students can take all tests regardless if they have taken the class.” She also stated that this year 18 students were taking AP tests that hadn’t completed the class.

Upon being asked why these tests are offered, Mrs. Hoag responded that “there are so many reasons to take these courses and tests. They increase preparation for college, students will stand out in the admission process when applying to colleges, they have an opportunity to earn college credit which saves money when in college, and you can get recognition by the AP Scholar Program.” If you score a 3 or higher on one of these tests you can potentially get credit for the class from Ohio public colleges and universities. That doesn’t just save you money, it saves you time as well. This is also creating an advantage for these students over the students who opt not to take these tests. It’s plain to see that AP tests provide great opportunity for students.

North Royalton offers all of these great testing options, but are students taking advantage of the opportunity? According to counselor Mrs. Hoag, in 2009 only 125 students took an AP exam, and since then the number has more than doubled because 257 students are taking an AP exam!! For example, Mitch Muha, a senior at NRHS, is taking the AP tests for Calc AB, Stats, and Music theory. He said “I’m taking Calc and Stats (tests) because they’re required for the class.” However, he opted to take the Music Theory test because it follows the curriculum of the general class. He states that it will save him time in college because “I’ll have to take the class anyways.”

Mrs. Hoag added,”I do think that more kids would take more tests if we had others to offer,” she said. “We are hoping to add in a few more over the next few years which would mean that the number again will increase.”