Advice to juniors

By Autumn Stapleton

2013-11-11 08_22_22All juniors that will be seniors next year are in for a giant wake-up call.  The junior class should be more prepared and better informed about their upcoming year.  I wish I had been better informed for my senior year.

Starting out this year I struggled a little bit.  It is my senior year, and I thought, hey, this is my last year of school and it doesn’t really count for me.  I was very wrong.  Slacking off in my classes was a huge mistake.  I realize now that this year is the most important year, and it counts just as much as any other year of high school.  I was unprepared for this year.  No one really talks about how much our SATS and our ACTS matter.  I think they should be stressed more upon students so they get them done early.  Also, I was very unaware of how fast we would be applying to college and how fast our cap and gown orders would be coming out.  It is all happening way too fast, and it becomes very stressful.  I just really wish I would have been more prepared for everything that was going to get thrown at me.

The advice I’d give to juniors would be to make the most of their senior year.  Honestly, as a senior this year I look back and wish I would have done so much more, such as getting involved in school activities, and just being a bigger part of school. After this it’s all about being grown up and making choices for ourselves, and every one we make changes our lives forever.  So attend all the games possible and be involved with school activities. Just make the most of the year, but while having fun, keep in mind all the important dates.  Things such as ACTS, SATS, and college applications are all important deadlines and dates to remember.

So in the end make sure to take every chance given and make the most of the year, but don’t forget to keep in mind the future. It will be here before you know it and being prepared for it is the best way to ensure the future that you plan for yourself. Remember that every good thing has to come to an end, just as high school will for us one day, but also make sure you can look back and not have regrets.

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