Student Millionaires

By Krista Shingary

moneyMost people do not make a million dollars in their lifetime. Imagine if you just made that money in one life-changing moment. Some students said if that were them, the first thing they would do is throw a huge party or take the people closest to them out for a fun night.

Among the students interviewed, junior Sara Schroeder said, “If I won a million dollars, I would move to Costa Rica and purchase a sloth farm.” She added, “I would also write books, travel to Italy, Bora Bora, and I would volunteer in South Africa.”

A lot of students mentioned buying a nice car. Cat Bialek, a senior, said, “The first thing I would spend my money on is a new Chevy Silverado and then I would save the rest of my money.”

When people have a lot of money, they tend to donate some of it. Catie Perry, also a senior, said, “I would donate money to St. Jude’s, homeless shelters, and animal shelters.” It’s nice to see that our school has a caring side and are more than happy to help out others in need. A senior, Kristina Green said, “I would donate my money to To Write Love on Her Arms, a foundation that donates to people in need.” The organization can be found at different events like concerts and sporting events.

All of the students interviewed said that they would not drop out of school even if they had a million dollars. And if they won money after having a job that they really enjoyed? They said they absolutely would not stop going to work. Schroeder said, “I would work part time, but would not quit because my job will be something I love to do, and I won’t let the power of money make me quit.” She also said, “I would start a business in fashion with my own store and would design my own clothes.”

“I would not start a business because it is just not in my interest, and I would rather work for someone instead of having to run everything,” said Bialek.

Perry said, “I would love to start an animal shelter to improve animals’ lives and help them find homes.”

“I would start an indoor rock climbing place for children and adults,” said Green.

The students even said they would give some of the money to their friends and family.  The best part of it to everyone would be helping out others to make the world a better place.