Wise words from NRHS staff

By Megan Huth

With age comes wisdom, but each experience is his or her own. To live vicariously through some of our faculty’s wisdom—through the words of our custodians, lunch staff, and teachers–may garner us a bit more enthusiasm for  life. Nuggets of wisdom gained from our staff may remind us of our own lives and how one may benefit from ripe knowledge.

One of our staff members, Mr. Sheffield, acting head custodian, chose to share something he learned: “Let nobody outwork me today,” he said, before taking a call to help with some issues in the school front. Apparently, this is a quote hanging off the marquee of the New York Jet’s training field. Bill Parcells, the coach at the time, is accredited for its appearance. “This quote fuels me when I’m having a bad day,” Sheffield said.

744One of the lunch staff also has a nugget of wisdom to share. Mrs. Feigi, one of the lunch aides, said, “Treat everyone the same—because we are the same. We are all equal…all made out of the same stuff… You and me both have something to offer.” Feigi says that as she got older, she began to “realize this more and more.”

746English teacher Ms. Kovach chose a piece to share with a lighthearted smile (well, at first she wasn’t sure if she could come up with anything. She first said that she was pretty sure if she could get along this far without a life motto, then you don’t really need one, but she retracted that statement and came up with this): “If you can’t laugh with it or at it, you’re not gonna make it,” she says, and then laughed.

Mrs. Leatherman smiled, embarrassed by the cliché of her motto, but assured of its authenticity. “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” she said. “It really puts things into perspective. If it’s not going to matter when I’m 80, is it worth stressing out over?”

740Across the school, Mr. Hemery was carrying boxes out to his car. He first went to leave, then came back into the school, still with boxes in hand, and said, “Question everything, Huth. Question everything,” and proceeded to leave again.

745Mr. Kish stood in the hallway of a fairly barren school, head lifted high. At first, he wasn’t sure what to say, but then proceeded to say this: “I don’t really have a story to this. It just is. Be sure to use things and value people—not the other way around.

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