The 2015 Homecoming Experience

By: Anastasia Nicholas

The annual homecoming dance is the culmination of a week’s worth of excitement surrounding the homecoming football game. Along with prom, theatrical productions, and football games, the dance is a quintessential high school event that we are all encouraged to take part in. It is difficult not to appreciate the upbeat music, dancing, and camaraderie with fellow students that come with this yearly celebration.

“Homecoming is one of the best experiences you can have in your high school career,” said Jon Hoffman, senior. “I would advise everyone to attend.”

Without fail, it seems, our school’s homecoming consistently yields an impressive turnout. The gym and the cafeteria are both filled to the brim with students, and it is always a largely successful event. However, many interviewed students expressed the opinion that there was something special about this year’s homecoming as opposed to previous ones.

“The atmosphere was better this year,” said Vlad Mirea, senior. “The DJ was better, too.”

Senior Sydney Rolsen echoed Mirea’s statement. “The DJ was great. Everyone danced instead of just standing around,” she said. “I also think more people went this year.”

Individuals’ reasons for attending homecoming vary widely. A typical homecoming night consists of preliminary gatherings with a date or group of friends, and then the dance itself. Whatever it is that motivates students to attend homecoming, it must be truly compelling if it causes them to willingly go to their school for three hours on a Saturday.

“The two main reasons I went were for the pictures beforehand and the dancing with my friends,” said Hoffman.

Regardless of their reasons for attending, students were unanimous in saying that everyone should make it a priority to enjoy the homecoming experience at least once.

“It’s my senior year, and I had never gone before,” said Fariha Mostafiz, senior. “It was a lovely night dancing with friends and I’m very glad that I went.”

“It is a great way to spend time with your peers,” said Mirea. “If you haven’t gone before, you should just try it out. It’s worth it.”