Fall Play Takes a Suspense-Filled, Thrilling Route

By: Omar Elghazawi

In the past at North Royalton, funny, heartwarming and overall fun plays have been commonplace, most directed and led by Ms. Dolar, and are always anticipated. This year, however, Mrs. Dolar aims to go in a new direction with the murder mystery “Night Watch.”

“I try to find a play that is a little different from what we’ve done before,” said Mrs. Dolar about the production. “I want to make sure that our high school students get to see a variety of plays, and that the actors and crew get to participate in different types of shows.” Mrs. Dolar also said that she thought it was time for a play that was a little darker than previous productions. “It has suspense to it that we haven’t seen yet,” she said.

Lucille Fletcher’s “Night Watch” is a Hitchcock-like suspense thriller, in the spirit of movies like “Rear Window.” Suspicion, uncertainty, despair, and shock play out upon the stage: Elaine Wheeler sees a shocking murder in the abandoned building across the alley, and she seems to be the only witness to the crime. No one believes her, not even her husband, as her sanity unravels in this classic whodunit.

Sophomore Emily Krejci (who plays Elaine Wheeler, the main character) calls the play “a complete thriller.” Krejci says that she loves working on the play. Practices include characterization, staging scenes, make up, and lighting. “Many people do not realize how many work hours are put into this,” commented Krejci. She says that it is a wonderful experience and that it is a great way to develop characters and relationships.

One other person who works on the play who relates to this is junior Danielle Vivcharenko, another lead in the play (she plays Wheeler’s best friend in the play). Vivcharenko has been working in the arts for several years. She says that she has had a passion for singing since middle school, and high school only strengthened that. Ever since, she attempts to get involved with anything concerning the performing arts or music; she participates in the school’s show choir, Royal Harmony, as well as in plays. She says it is an excellent way to study human nature and calls it a great experience as well.

Performances will take place Thursday, Nov. 12, through Saturday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. in the Dan Calabrese Center for the Performing Arts at North Royalton High School. Ticket prices are $8 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. Call the NRHS Activities Office at 440-582-7824 for more information or purchase tickets at the door on the evening of the performance.