NRHS Art Teacher Awarded “Best Dress” Superlative For The Nation

By Penny Kmitt


Ms. Romanic, NRHS art teacher, wears her Zentangle-inspired dress.

Ms. Romanic, new NRHS art teacher, has recently been awarded, through voting, first place in noted art educator and blogger Cassie Stephen’s “What the Art Teachers Wore // Back to Art Teacherin’ Contest” for her highly creative Zentangle-inspired dress. Upon winning in September, Romanic will not only be featured in “School Arts Magazine,” one of the top artistic educational magazines in the country, but will also receive a free year’s subscription.

“I get my inspiration from my projects,” Ms. Romanic said. “The second after I come up with a new art project, I think of an outfit to go along with it.” She says that her most beloved and creative outfit is her Styrofoam cup outfit, which is made out of over one hundred cups, and Styrofoam earrings to match.

Ms. Romanic says she developed her first outfit as early as high school. “My senior year of high school I made a Starburst dress with over 2,000 Starburst wrappers. It was awesome,” Ms. Romanic said. “I basically walked around school with big bags of Starbursts and told people they could have as many as they wanted as long as they gave the wrapper back fully intact!”

She also said that her most difficult dress was her Zentangle dress, which won the contest, and which took her days to hand paint intricate designs, covering the entire dress. Ms. Romanic adds that all of this creative effort is well worth it. “When I wear an outfit, it makes me way more excited about my day, and I hope it makes the students more excited too,” she said.

Ms. Romanic has known she wanted to be an art teacher before entering even first grade. “My goal has always been to get kids excited about art. I want to make students think about art in a different way than they do every day,” she said.

romMs. Romanic says her next outfit project will be to recreate the Internet sensation “blue and black or white and gold dress” to teach Art 1 students about the perspective of color. Ms. Romanic is excited to be a part of the North Royalton community and plans to enlighten students with her artistic outfits for many years to come.