Bears Feature: Matt Nagy

By: Ryan Sexton

IMG_0909We’re all just a kid from somewhere. This statement is a very common one in the sports world, from being used in a coach’s motivational speech to a Powerade commercial about professional athletes. It means that no matter who we are, we all started the same as just another kid. Those who use their talents to the fullest potential will stand out from the rest and no longer be seen as just another kid. The stars we all know came from some town where they had no clue whether they’d make it to the big times. Bears senior defensive tackle Matt Nagy is looking like one of those stars, leading the defense. He’s been a vital part of this team for the three years he’s been on the varsity level, helping to center the defensive line and keep everything in order.

IMG_0910At 6’4”, 260 pounds, Matt Nagy is an intimidating player on the line. His abilities on the field haven’t gone unnoticed, either. He’s received offers from Youngstown State and Lake Erie College, and other colleges like Bowling Green and Toledo are showing interest, too. Nagy said his ideal place to play would be Bowling Green, but that he has to focus on having a great season before worrying about that.

Becoming a Division 1 athlete is one of the most difficult transitions an athlete can make. Athletes now have to worry about diet and conditioning constantly due to the heavily increased athleticism of the competition. “It definitely will be challenging,” said Nagy. “Division 1 football is a job. You’re committed to the game 365 days a year.”

Nagy said he’s already started working out a lot in preparation. He works out every day during the offseason.   While there is a lot of excitement for his college decision and what his future will be, Nagy also knows that he still has to finish his senior year of high school strong. He has very high hopes for this team as well. He says he doesn’t have personal goals because team success is more important. His main goal is to make the playoffs. “I strongly believe we can make the playoffs. We have all the components, and we just need to keep working,” said Nagy. “We just keep taking it week-by-week.”