Art Teacher Joins Staff

By Dominic Oko

Ms. Erney and her son Kingston.

Ms. Erney and her son.

Ms. Erney is a new face in the North Royalton Art Department this year, and is ready to show students about the knowledge of design and  increased artistic awareness.

“My dream job now is teaching art, although I was not interested in teaching until my twenties,” said Ms. Erney. “My family and friends always told me I would make a good teacher, but I would never admit it.”

Art has been a passion of hers since she was a little girl. She was drawing by the age of seven, copying comics out of the newspaper as accurately as she could. “Art is meant to be shared and appreciated, and art should bring people together in life,” she said.

Showing and selling her artwork was also a personal goal. Placing in college-level art shows helped her artistic confidence and she eventually got the courage to start selling her work.

Ms. Erney is very passionate about art and has many beautiful paintings, but her favorite creation of her own is different than a painting or drawing…

“My son Kingston!” said Ms. Erney. Her excitement when talking about her son is indescribable. She also “enjoys cooking and baking, playing the piano, and going on nature walks and hikes with my son,” she said. She really enjoys cooking all kinds of pasta, as she was raised to appreciate the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine since she was a child.

“I’ve been a vegetarian since I was fourteen,” said Ms. Erney, when asked what information about herself would surprise most people. And after a long career of teaching, she doesn’t plan to stop. “After I retire, I would like to teach an art workshop class to adults,” she said.